Research has been part and is part of my development as a thinker, as an engineer and as a designer. My research interests are in media culture, data collection, tangible and digital interfaces.
Politecnico di Torino
Media convergence
2011 - Lecture at the “Media Communication” class directed by Franco Iseppi.
Mobile and the new Convergence Media Scenario
2011 - Lecture at “Communication Technology and Society” class by Mario Ricciardi.
Creativity and Technology in the Convergence Era
2012 - Lecture at “Communication Technology and Society” class by Mario Ricciardi.
Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design
Intro to the lab
2014 - 2 days introduction to digital fabrication workshop.
Experimental Imaging
2014 - Coached students during class by Matt Cottam and Timo Arnall.
Interactive Spaces
2016 - Visiting professor with Matt Cottam.
Resonate 2015
Designing connected experiences with BLE
2015 - 1 day - workshop on connected objects.
Strelka Institute
Prototype race
2016 - 3 weeks - final project coaching. More info.
IOT: Create your Prototype
2016 - 1 day - introduction to connected objects, concepts and prototyping. More info.
Defining New Structural and Mobile Support to Improve Hospital Facilities Access and Usability
Improving mobility in hospitals with an indoor location tracking and wayfinding. PDF
Design Futures: A New Discipline, Tool and Medium
SmartLight Interaction System
New generation office appliance developed in Panasonic Silicon Valley Lab. US 14/070,769
A path on computer interface history.
Convergence map
Discover how geotagged data is spread around a given location.