Directions without data plan
Concept: The simplest and most robust way to know where to go using a smartphone. Its core feature is a directional compass with an arrow that indicates the direction and the distance to your final destination It works without a data plan and can be used to share a location via sms.
Context: Internet penetration in Africa is still half than in the rest of the world and data connection is unaffordable by most of the population.
On the contrary, cheap smartphones with GPS capabilities are starting to spread.
In the western world, even if data plans are common, there are many situations in which data is not available and our smartphones become almost useless.
One of the most popular feature in smartphones is the ability to help in way finding, and geolocation is available almost everywhere on the planet.
uGoThere addresses way finding with smartphones without data connection.
Tools: Objective-C
Resources: uGoThere on the App Store