Way-finding in hospital structures
Concept: The application is the core of a bigger research in optimization of the flow of patients and visitors in a hospital. The app is supporting indoor way-finding and is structured in 3 different views suitable to different public. A step by step guide will take the patient straight to his destination. On this mode it is possible to have audio guidance for visually impaired. A 2D map shows the shortest path or a special path for physically impaired people (accessible path and elevator). The 3D map gives an idea of the general structure of the hospital that can be used to understand where different services are positioned. The system is using SMS to send information on exams/visits and WiFi for indoor tracking.
Context: Way-finding in hospital structures is a challenge because should be understandable to a wide audience. For the efficiency of the hospital is essential that patients are able to find their destination quickly. Visually impaired and motor disabled have special needs that should be addressed.
Process: REMOBILA is the final project of Alta Scuola Politecnica and it is the outcome of the collaboration of a team of 5. The project was completed in 18 months, it included user research, flow analysis, a visit to the Singapore General Hospital and the attendance of the Hospital Build Asia Exhibition.
Tools: Unity3D, iOS