Point Break
Surf conditions at your fingertips
Concept: Point Break is an app providing a complete and elegant overview of surfing conditions at nearby and favorited spots. The app is designed to maximize the legibility of a considerable amount of data on a small screen. It is possible to check surf conditions of multiple spots over time, in a single view.
Context: Surfing is a beautiful sport but it requires the right weather conditions to be performed. The knowledge about the conditions is still transferred between the surfing community through word of mouth.
Process: The challenge of Point Break was on the design of the information structure and visualization; current apps often are rich in content, but tricky to use. People centered research brought to light the key data that surfers are looking for. As they tend to follow the conditions closely, a quick and convenient way of getting an overview of the frequently used data was essential. The UX and graphic design was developed in detail and it was prototype with as a web app.
Tools: Javascript