The house without technological interruption
Concept: Ooeema is a platform that helps you find time for yourself in your house, without technological interruptions. To activate Ooeema you just connect your phone to the activator and keep your phone inside it. A clock will show the time linearly with a quiet resolution. A swarm of robots will notify you if you receive an incoming call from a group of people of your choice.
Context: The modern house is not the dwelling of privacy anymore, new media allows to be always connected and always available. Social networks and sharing platforms are constantly screaming for attention.
Process: Ooeema is an exploration in the world of robotics and how ubiquitous computing can be applied in the home. After a month of research emerged a trend of disconnection between people and their home because of technological distractions, social networks first. One week for defining the concept and three weeks for fully prototype the system composed by one clock, the activator and one autonomous robot.
Tools: Arduino