IOT: Create your Prototype
Workshop on connected objects
Role: Workshop leader
Concept: On April 9, Strelka hosted our workshop called “Internet of Things: create your own prototype”.

The workshop is an introduction to designing experiences with connected devices. I strongly believe that learning is about getting to explore new domains conceptually and practically. Every explained concept has a practical counterpart.

The platform that I designed and built allows a simple web api to access bluetooth gems (aka metawear R boards from Mbientlab) that incorporates sensors like temperature and accelerometer but also actuators like coin vibration and rgb led. This small package is wireless and battery powered, ideal for the workshop format.
Process: The workshop starts with an introduction on Tangible User Interfaces and designing smart objects like office phones. Office phones are just an example of a tangible object that has a wide range of functions and it's very important to understand how to successfully create an easy to approach object that manifest the features and expose its mental model.

The second concept introduced is looking at connectivity, and which possibilities are enabled by it. The exercise proposed was to design a new interface for a connected vacuum cleaner. The brief pushed the participants to explore features that were gained thanks to connectivity and to keep instead a physical representation on the object of those essential functions that don't need to be accessed remotely.

Half of the workshop is about getting to explore what participants want to create in the form of experiential prototypes, to understand better what they are doing and what are the potential of connected objects.

Tools: iphone, iOS, BLE, Metawear, webtech
Resources: Github page