Designing connected experiences with BLE
Workshop at Resonate
Concept: Designing connected experiences with BLE wants to be a workshop that teaches how to create human connections with wearable devices. The platform, created at Tellart, allows to connect a pool of devices to a web interface and listen to embedded sensors like accelerometer, temperature sensor, mechanical switch or to trigger actuators like an RGB LED, a coin vibration motor.

In the workshop people were asked to think about privacy and how to create a set of rules to negotiate the access of information from devices in use by other participants.
Context: Resonate is a conference that brings together artists and technologists to drive a debate on the role of technology in art, society and culture. In the panorama of disruptive technologies wearable computing is emerging and its applications will widely change the way we approach content, services and human connections.
Tools: openframewoks, obejctive-c, bluetooth low energy, metawear, websocket
Resources: Github source
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