Deep Future
Tangible installation
Role: Project lead,
Senior Technologist at Tellart
Concept: In the world of design it's an emerging trend to focus on more and more futuristic projects and briefs. Working with a forward looking attitude is incredibly fascinating but our future on the other side is not written. Nature's future is characterized, on the other hand, by certain elements that will evolve and change based on physical rules. These rules influence many aspect of life on earth, like, for instance, the way the sky looks and evolve. This inspired the installation Deep Future that wants to look in far away futures and show how the starry sky will be different from today.
10 projections of the future night sky were drawn by a robot that was printing with wax on natural cloths that were later on dye in indigo blue. The outcome was a beautiful hybrid collaboration between new and old, robotic and human. The installation took place in Droog.
Tools: openframeworks, physical computing, arduino, indigo dye, wax printing