Data maps
How internet sees the world
Concept: This project wants to display how this amount of georeferenced convergent data can be used to recreates geography. Different images are created for different datasets. From north to south, from west to east , the brightness of each pixel is relative to the quantity of convergent data relative to a specific topic in that relative geographical area.
Context: Every time we upload bits of data in the internet, we are contributing to create alternative geographies. By taking a picture, while we run with our phone in a pocket, while driving, checking-in in a venue, when we send a message to our friends, we are directly or indirectly spreading geo-tagged data in the cloud.

Our behavior reflects the contemporary phenomena of convergence. Thanks to personal convergent devices, like smartphones, heterogeneous data is constantly collected and we are all contributing to a great data show, as you can see in this collection of different representations of the world.
Process: A nodejs server interrogated different API endpoints that offer georeferenced responses. The server is saving every request in a csv file. A graphic application is reading the information and generating the maps.
Tools: nodejs, p5js
Resources: Full story at Pier's blog
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