Conversations with Alice
AI generated VR App
Concept: Conversations with Alice is a virtual reality application where the content is completely generated by algorithms. The app explores 3 different media, sound, visuals and text, all coming from different algorithmic and generative sources. A dialog between chatbots is the narrative voice that walk with the player in immersive imagery that evokes the dreamy atmosphere of Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. The landscape is an algorithmic modification of panorama images taken by a robot, while the soundscape is generated parametrically.

The audience is called to step into a mechanical world that feels poetic and has the aesthetic of a dream. The project wants to interrogate new possibilities of entertainment and challenge the role of AI as a new factor in determining society’s future power structure.

Is AI smart enough to create compelling stories? Do we still find interesting visuals in a VR setting that are created by algorithms?

Will automatically generated content have a political weight? Can we forecast the strategies that organizations will use to control AI?
Context: Can AI create entertainment for humans? In which forms? Artificial intelligence in various manifestations is becoming more and more part of our life.
Tools: openframeworks, 3d printing, iOS, objective-c, arduino
Available on the App Store
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