Interactive photographic environments
Role: Project lead
Concept: Atmosfear is an escape game. The user is immersed in photographic environments which are mixed with interactive 3d elements.
Context: The game exploits the capabilities of post-pc devices, in particular tablets. A portable screen allows user to hold the device in his hands and to turn it around. The compass and acceleromenter calculate where the device is facing, orienting the digital view of the virtual camera. The processing power allows to host very realistic 3d objects that blend over the realistic skybox. All the 3d models have precalculated shadows. The project was designed for iOS 4 and optimized for the first generation iPads. After the success on the AppStore the game has been ported to Android.
Process: The whole project was finished in 5 weeks.
  • week 1: concept
  • week 2: shooting of photographic environments
  • week 3: 3d modelling and rendering
  • week 4: programming and graphic design
  • week 5: debugging and testing
Tools: iOS, Unity 3D, 360x180 photography.